Digital Archive on Demand

Archive on Demand

Cloud technology facilitates a new type of value chain for entertainment and media companies


How the Archive on Demand works

Data goes Cloud

The Archive on Demand is the basis for a flexible and scalable data construct and the pay as you go model. Our goal is being able to search media assets quickly & easily and to get immediate results. Azure offers the variety of services needed. We apply our Archive on Demand by moving your archive to the cloud and thereby reducing the cost.

2. Apply Cognitive Services

Once the assets are available in the cloud, we got the chance to utilize all of the possibilities of Azure and enable long-term business in the VOD area. It’s supported by the variety of MS Services – such as Media Services or Cognitive Service – with which we analyze the data (speech to text/ closed captioning.)

3. Unlimited Monetization

With our Archive on Demand, new business models for monetizing the whole media content are evolving. As the assets are available and enriched with metadata they can be delivered directly to business or even to end customer for instance via streaming services (VOD).

How do I get my data into the cloud?

Read how this is achieved by combining it with the Microsoft Azure Databox.

Archive on Demand with the Archive on Demand

The Interlake Archive on Demand is based on Microsoft Azure, and combining the skills and knowledge of the Microsoft Partner Network was key. The target and key vision of the Archive on Demand is to have a single point of contact with media assets, right from the start!

Archive on Demand is based on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Thanks to the Microsoft Azure cloud and its services, this vision is already becoming a reality. It will be completed by attaining the missing component of the cloud based production, which is already underway. In the future, A/V content will have just a single point within Azure.


What our Customers are saying

“The approach is currently unique within the industry – from the archive and video on demand, we have created archive on demand.” – Ernst Feiler, Director Technology, UFA GmbH (Part of the BERTELSMANN Group)

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