German efficiency and teamwork.

Sven Slazenger

Dr. Stefan Salzbrunn

Sven and Stefan have known each other since childhood, when they bonded over their interest in technology. Their fascination with the new medium of the Internet led them to found Interlake in 1997, while they were still in college and paying student loans. Their strong work ethic and determination is still the driving force behind this successful team.


  • is a communications scientist with heart and soul who has a knack for networking
  • leads the team in the office in Potsdam
  • controls the daily operations
  • cultivates the versatile European customer base of Interlake
  • is committed to his work as vice president of the Federation of Service Providers for Online Providers (BDOA eV) and as head of the German Section for digital learning/e-learning
  • enjoys gourmet dining while traveling and boating with his wife across the Havel.


  • is a PhD in chemistry and a classical analysist with vision
  • brings his expertise as CTO for the most demanding projects
  • manages US and non-European operations from our office in Jacksonville, Florida
  • is a specialist in the integration and support of server systems and technical processes
  • is an avid soccer fan who supports his daughter on the field and serves on the board of her soccer club

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