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Artificial Intelligence

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Interlake specializes in the use of artificial intelligence in the media industry. Whether it’s image, video or sound, our AI solutions automatically capture, analyze and utilize your content. These services are not only of great value to companies and organizations in media, but also benefit a broad range of industries from healthcare to manufacturing.

Elements of Artificial Intelligence in the Media Industry

Artificial intelligence has become essential in the realm of digital transformation. The term covers many dimensions, areas of analysis and fields of application. In terms of media analysis, these can be divided into the following five areas. While each can be used individually within the application, their full potential can be reached when used together. Let Interlake help you realize your AI dreams with our state-of-the-art technologies.

Building Knowledge

Knowledge is accumulated, enabling a knowledge database to be created with information about sources and recommendations.

Analysis of Text

Artificial intelligence allows the meaning of text to be analyzed thus enabling features such as pure automated translation.

Intelligent Image Recognition

Images can be analyzed for content including faces, emotions, people and much more.

Independent Search

Create your own generic search agents, including automated completion and image and video search.

Interpreting Language

Whether speech is converted into text or existing texts become natural language, both are possible with the help of the language functions.

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