Production & Integration

Production and Integration

We take care of the production or integrate existing content into your Learning Portals

Looking for a partner who takes care of the production of your e-learning, assists you in preparation of the content and creates an appealing Design?

Web Based Trainings (WBT):

We produce mainly with the authoring tool Storyline. This enables us to creat WBTs quickly and effective, professional and cost-effectively for you.

Our offer tailored to your individual needs:

  • Preparation of content
  • Implementation of courses
  • Modern graphic template Design
  • technical know-how for integration
  • Flexible Learning Portals
Template Design

Game Based Learning (GBL)

Take advantage of the fascination of computer games to make your learning content more attaktive and to raise motivation!
No matter to what extent – a little casual game or an adventure game: We write the script and integrate your individual learning content. Provide your learner with fun while learning with Game Based Learning!

Our offer to you:

  •  Design and preparation of content
  •  Creation of GBLs
  • Graphical representation – whether photorealistic or illustrated

You want to have e-learning created or integrated into your LMS?

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