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Interlake Day

Exchanging 20 years of experience in cloud based information transfer

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Interlake is proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary on May 18, 2017. We’re making it official by hosting Interlake Day. In the past 20 years, Interlake has grown and evolved into a solution provider for e-learning, media and cloud storage. We invite you—our customers, partners, friends and those with an interest in what we do—to enjoy a day full of discussions, workshops and networking where everyone can gain new insights.

The day will begin with a grand opening in a cinema. There our CEO, Sven Slazenger, and our CTO, Dr. Stefan Salzbrunn, invite you to a Future Talk. We’ll continue with workshops, knowledge sessions and experience talks where these subjects will be highlighted and presented through case studies. Our exhibition will give you insight into solutions and tools that you can then discuss with experts. The day will end with a dinner where we invite you to help us celebrate an incredible 20 years of business.

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We have been a partner of Articulate Authoring Tools since 2004, and in 2012 we became a partner of Docebo Learning Management System. All of our experience comes from e-learning projects, whether it involves tools to create content or management processes via LMS. At Interlake Day, we’ll present our portfolio and give you some insight into our projects. We’re also looking forward to our special know-how sessions.


Are you looking for new insight or hoping to have meaningful discussions with experts? Interlake Day will provide the perfect setting. At the exhibition you’ll be able to meet specialists, during the workshops you can participate and discuss different topics, and the breaks offer the perfect opportunity to communicate with other participants.

Cloud-based information transfer

Whether through campaigns, e-commerce or web portals, Interlake has supported our clients’ projects in more than 30 countries for 20 years. The focus is on distinctive cloud solutions. In tech sessions, you’ll learn more about our conceptual projects and can discuss applications and infrastructure.


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