Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All information on this website is carefully screened and controlled. Nevertheless facts and data might have changed in the meantime. Therefore we do not gurantee for the completness and accuracy of all given information. The editors will not assume liability for any nonconformities within the website’s texts and figures.

All published content on this website is copyrighted. Only personal usage of this content is allowed as well as printing, copying or saving it on private data media. Editing, translating, distributing in any way and copying of any content on this website is strictly prohibited, unless you have obtained a written authorization through the editorial department. This prohibition includes commercial and industrial distribution through printing or copying content onto CD-ROM or floppy disk. You are also not allowed to distribute any content in electronic databases and through online services.

All business relations emerging from this website are liable to the German law. Jusrisdiction is the registered office of the InterLake Informationsysteme GmbH. All goods, products and services are in ownership of InterLake Informationssysteme GmbH until the arrival of the complete payment through the customer.

All contractual partners are liable to our terms of contract.

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