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Why we use CFML for more than 16 years now

We use several application servers, operating systems and databases, but most of our code is written in CFML. That seems [...]

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There was a birthday today…

There was another birthday today at Interlake. Just great what the team always prepares for the lucky colleague.   [...]

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What to watch out for when streaming live events

You never have a second chance with a Live Streaming Event. There are many single points of failure and many [...]

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Der Fluch des digitalen Kinos

Digitales Kino (DCP) sorgt nicht etwa dafür, dass die Filmdistribution günstiger wird. Im Gegenteil, gerade europäische Filme und kleine Verleiher [...]

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Interlake @ Tech Open Air Berlin

We had a fascinating two days at the Berlin Tech Open Air conference Aug 1 and 2, 2013. Actually it [...]

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Adobe Anywhere is now available

Adobe Anywhere is now available for Integration. Talk to us to virtualize your TV content editing across locations. [...]

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All the old news…

Starting today, all our news, videos, press releases and links we’d like to share with you will appear here in [...]

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